Our Services

Bottling and Canning

With 3 bottling lines, capable of speeds up to 7,500 bottles per hour and facilities to bottle any size from 187ml through to 1.5 litre, Best Bottlers can fill, cap and package approximately 20,000 bottles per hour across all lines. We work to a 3 week lead-time from receipt of order to expedite your delivery needs.

Best Bottlers Mildura also offers canning solutions for our customers, with capabilities for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; sparkling and still in both classic and slim cans. The canning line consists of an automated high-rise de-palletiser and two CanPro fillers and seamers running upto 200 cans per minute in each line. In-line installations include a Filtec volume checker and high-speed labeller for small runs.

Secondary packaging equipment includes a wrap packer for four and six -pack cardboard wraps for both slim and classic can range. Other packaging formats that are available include cartonised and top-mounted plastic can holders. At the end of the line, the product is packed by a case over packer, then cartonised, palletised and stretch wrapped through the automatic robot packing system.

Tank ferment (Charmat) and Carbonation

With state of the art equipment, Best Bottlers can provide tank ferment (Charmat) and carbonation facilities for your sparkling wine requirements. PLC controlled ferment vessels of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 40,000 litres capacities can accommodate varying run sizes.

The utilization of a MAGA carbonation unit ensures a fine bubble of CO2 is used during carbonation giving a fine bead and mousse to your wine. With the capacity to run 200ml, 375ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles, the line can accommodate cork, plastic stopper, crown, seal, screw cap, pressure cap, Zavent and SPK (Zork) closures.

Single strap or 4 post Muselet can be applied and both UV and standard mark orientation is used on the hooder/pleater and 5 station self-adhesive labeler.


We offer a full range of bag, lenticular and membrane filtration – 200um Bag, 10H Lenticular, 30H Lenticular, 70H Lenticular, 0.65um Membrane Sterile and 0.45um Membrane Sterile and cross flow filtration.

Wine storage and Delivery

Best Bottlers have over 11,000 square meters of secure, on-site finished goods warehousing. This warehousing is temperature controlled, ensuring your product is stored at its best. With our logistics contacts we can readily source any amount of secure offsite storage if so required.

Our experienced distribution team can readily satisfy part or all of your logistic requirements with a proven method of order capture, order picking and despatch. We currently despatch stock worldwide, from single units to full containers. An ongoing focus of reducing customer’s costs is employed and loads are consolidated wherever possible and these cost savings passed on. Our team prides itself on accurate and timely despatches, offering the ability of next day despatching. Best Bottlers is situated in the growing freight hub of Sunraysia and offers overnight service to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

We offer the complete export service from container packing to documentation and can configure containers in any way required. We also offer slip sheeting, export pallet or loose filling of containers and work to a 4 week shipping lead-time from receipt of order.

Table wines

We currently run two automatic bottling lines, both of which are BVS/Stelvin compatible and utilise state of the art equipment. The bottling lines are designed to be as flexible as possible to allow any combination of packaging needed to satisfy demanding market requirements. Any value adding requirements such as neck tagging and gift boxing can also easily be accommodated.

Dry goods supply

When you are bottling at Best Bottlers we can supply all or part of your material needs, depending on your bottling specifications or criteria.  We can offer a full range of packaging materials that include;

Glass – A full range of bottles suited to your bottling needs.

Cartons – We stock a range of plain cartons in all shapes and sizes for your bottling needs and can negotiate the printing on your behalf.

Dividers – We use both local and imported dividers and have both on site for your convenience.

Capsules – We can purchase plain capsules for you ranging from PVC to screw cap from a range of approved suppliers.

Cork – We offer printed or plain cork.

On receiving dry goods each item gets a unique code and is maintained on our computer system and a full itemized list with transaction history can be supplied to customers as required.